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Sedgefield Cemetery - Butterwick Road

General Information

Sedgefield Cemetery is situated on Butterwick Road - at the foot of Front Street, left at the Dun Cow and along East End. The Cemetery Lodge stands back in the grounds behind the green gates.
Please note there are no public toilets available for public use either at funerals or when visiting the Cemetery.
The Cemetery is usually open every day during daylight hours, although the Cemetery gates are locked every evening.
The actual burial areas are accessed by walking up the main pathway between the shrubs and trees, and consists of 2 main sections to the left and right of the pathway.
Section B on the left is now nearly filled - the empty spaces have usually been reserved for future interments, whilst the Section A to the right is being used at the present time. It is no longer possible to reserve spaces on this side other than next to graves which are presently being used.
On the right before the main sections is a small paved area with a seat and small memorial. this is to remember the many stillborn children who were buried here in the past. In the Spring snowdrops flower.
Beyond the two large sections is the Garden of Remembrance. This area is for the burial of ashes, and plaques may be then laid over the plot. Adjacent lies a small sheltered area where one can sit and remember.

Short History

This Cemetery has been used since approximately 1908. It consists of nearly 4,000 grave spaces and it replaced the old Cemeteries on Beacon Lane and St Edmunds Churchyard which were at that time fully used.
The Cemetery Lodge stands in the grounds. At one time this was home to the Sexton whose job it was to dig the graves and generally maintain the grounds, as well as attending each and every burial. In addition the Sexton kept all of the Burial records and accounts. Today, however, the work is done by contractors and the house is let.
The Cemetery records are retained in the Council Offices in the Advice and Information Centre. These can be looked at during office hours, (although it is advisable to telephone first), and are now well used by people researching their family trees. It is hoped to complete the computerised records as soon as possible.
To the far right is the Winterton Memorial. This remembers the many patients from the Winterton Hospital who were buried here. Many of these were in paupers' graves and have no headstones or markings to remember the person. It was felt, therefore, appropriate to make sure they were not forgotten.

Details of current fees and general regulations are available for download here in PDF format.
For the a copy of the full current regulations or other detailed information please contact the Council office.

Headstones : General Information

The Town Council has recently taken advice from our insurers regarding the headstones in Sedgefield Cemetery. In order to meet current health and safety standards we are therefore changing all our regulations for headstones including the means of fixing and access to the Cemetery in line with the National Association of Memorial Masons Recommendations.
A copy of the "Recommended Code of Working Practice" is available in the Council Offices and all work carried out in the future must meet the minimum requirements as laid down in this document.
Headstones can only be erected when our Gardening Supervisor is present. In order to ease the situation we suggest that Mr Young will be available in the Cemetery every Tuesday morning from 8.30 am - 12 noon. This will ensure easier access to the individual graves but also ensure that the headstones once erected can be checked over immediately by Mr Young to ensure that they have been fitted in accordance with our new rules and regulations. Please ensure that the Town Council offices still receive advance and sufficient notice of when you intend to visit the Cemetery.
The Monolithic type of fixing is preferred
We would like to remind you that there is no vehicular access into the Cemetery.
The application form for headstones has been revised and would ask that these are used for all applications. (We should point out that no other type of application can be accepted).
To view or download a Headstone Application Form please click here. (This is in PDF format).
If you have any further queries please call 01740 621273

Plaques in the New Garden of Remembrance

Plaques must be a standard square 450mm x 450mm,  depth 50mm
or a wedge 450mm x 450mm, depth 100mm - 50mm
and can contain a vase(s) within the plaque itself - but nothing additional is allowed.
Please contact the office if you have any queries before you order.
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